• Kit Connor Wanted to Come Out Another Way
    Date: Jul 5, 2023  |   Duration: 2:55  |   Views: 1251
    "Heartstopper" star Kit Connor opens up to 'British Vogue' about coming out as bisexual on Twitter back in 2022, after accusations of "queerbating". Find out what Kit says about his journey to self-love and how he feels about his "Heartstopper" fame. ET Canada Pride's Dallas Dixon has all the tea from Kit's candid interview!
  • Training Movie Star Kit Connor for His Next Film
    Date: Mar 26, 2023  |   Duration: 25:01  |   Views: 1136
    What's up guys? In this video, I take Heartstopper star Kit Connor through a chest workout. Enjoy!
  • Kit Connor & Joe Locke React to Heartstopper Scenes
    Date: Feb 13, 2023  |   Duration: 7:28  |   Views: 2249
    Joe Locke (Charlie Spring) and Kit Connor (Nick Nelson) relive some of the most iconic Heartstopper moments from Heartstopper Season 1. Watch as Joe & Kit break down some of their Heartstopper scenes, from the pair's rainy kiss to the emotional scene as Nick reveals their sexuality to their Mum (Olivia Colman).
  • Let's Connect with Kit Connor & Gracie
    Date: Feb 6, 2023  |   Duration: 5:37  |   Views: 2151
    BAFTA Young Presenter Gracie in conversation with actor Kit Connor, who played the young Elton John in Rocketman and currently stars as Nick Nelson in the Netflix series Heartstopper. Ahead of their Connect4™ challenge, Kit discusses the importance of queer representation and how film, games and music help you connect with others and be creative yourself.
  • Heartstopper Q&A with Kit Connor & Joe Locke
    Date: Dec 8, 2022  |   Duration: 27:17  |   Views: 1187
    Film Independent president Josh Welsh chats with the two lead stars, Kit Connor and Joe Locke about their smash hit romantic comedy-drama, HEARTSTOPPER, streaming on NETFLIX.
  • Kit Connor & Joe Locke on Showing Young Queer People Everything Will Be Okay
    Date: Oct 27, 2022  |   Duration: 16:02  |   Views: 1230
    Kit Connor and Joe Locke ('Heartstopper') on showing young queer people that 'everything will be okay.' The actors discuss what the Netflix show means to them and the queer community around the world. Gold Derby editor Daniel Montgomery hosts this webchat.
  • Pop Star Extraordinaire Interview with Kit Connor
    Date: Aug 7, 2022  |   Duration: 20:21  |   Views: 1493
    I love Heartstopper, and I am so excited to see the new season! Talking with Kit was amazing! Check out this interview!
  • Kit Connor & Joe Locke Answer Burning Questions
    Date: May 27, 2022  |   Duration: 3:17  |   Views: 1241
    Heartstopper stars Kit Connor and Joe Locke discuss their most embarrassing on-set moment, what movies can heal broken hearts, and who would make the best Doctor on Doctor Who.
  • Heartstopper Cast Tumblr Q&A by Netflix
    Date: May 27, 2022  |   Duration: 18:18  |   Views: 1105
    Tumblr users interview the Heartstopper cast (Kit Connor, Joe Locke, Yamin Finney and William Gao) and creator (Alice Oseman).
  • An Actor Despairs Interview with Kit Connor
    Date: May 16, 2022  |   Duration: 62:36  |   Views: 2563
    Join your host Ryan Perez and guest Kit Connor as they talk about Kit's experience into getting into a Saturday theatre school that changed his life, doing commercials, booking film/tv/theatre roles, and projects like "Rocketman," "His Dark Materials," and his new incredible show "Heartstopper" now streaming on Netflix!

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