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S02E01 – Out
Kit Connor Kit Connor Kit Connor Kit Connor

S02E02 – Family
Kit Connor Kit Connor Kit Connor Kit Connor

S02E03 – Promise
Kit Connor Kit Connor Kit Connor Kit Connor

S02E04 – Challenge
Kit Connor Kit Connor Kit Connor Kit Connor

S02E05 – Heat
Kit Connor Kit Connor Kit Connor Kit Connor

S02E06 – Truth / Dare
Kit Connor Kit Connor Kit Connor Kit Connor

S02E07 – Sorry
Kit Connor Kit Connor Kit Connor Kit Connor

S02E08 – Perfect
Kit Connor Kit Connor Kit Connor Kit Connor

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Kit Connor Opens Up About Coming Out & Heartstopper Season 2

Nobody causes internet hysteria quite like British actor Kit Connor. The very modern teen idol talks to Chris Godfrey about sudden fame, working out, and the return of the Netflix sensation.

Nothing could have readied Kit Connor for his newfound teen idol status. Sure, the His Dark Materials star had done his first red carpet interviews aged 10 and worked with Steven Spielberg before he’d even done his GCSEs. But the kind of exposure that came with playing a lead in Netflix’s megahit Heartstopper? “I don’t think anyone’s ever really prepared for it,” says Connor. “Suddenly you feel like there are a lot more eyes on you.”

The first season, launched in relative obscurity in April last year, transformed the up–and–comer into an immediate superstar – the kind of hot young thing who sits front row at Loewe and JW Anderson shows, whom paparazzi wait for outside industry parties and whose presence at fan meet–and–greets causes total chaos. With season two launching next month, Connor is poised for another wave of hysteria.

“It’s scary and it’s overwhelming,” he says. But if Connor is intimidated by his breakneck rise to fame he doesn’t show it today. Sitting opposite me at teatime – between a video shoot and red carpet event later – among the tropical foliage and gold–trimmed, plush furnishings of London’s The Trafalgar St James hotel bar, wearing a white henley shirt, grey jeans and Reebok trainers, the only Connor I get a glimpse of is the precocious leading man in the making. That he’s only 19 years old is almost alarming. “Yeah, I always get told people think I’m older than I am,” he replies, despite the teen–idol face. But there’s a quiet confidence there too: he nonchalantly dispenses with his publicist before we sit down and his answers come in thoughtful, considered bursts, delivered in the crisp neutral accent of a south Londoner who happened to go to an independent school. “I think because I was working from quite a young age, it meant I matured a little bit faster than I would have. So that’s helped a lot.”

Based on Alice Oseman’s YA webcomic and graphic novels of the same name, Heartstopper tells a tale of teen love between schoolboys Nick Nelson (Connor), a popular rugby player coming to terms with being bisexual, and the recently outed Charlie Spring (Joe Locke). It’s a balmy, rose–tinted exploration of sexuality (think Ted Lasso for queer teens) and was considered a rare celebratory moment for LGBTQ+ representation on–screen – the wholesome Yin to Euphoria’s gritty Yang.

By all metrics the show was a triumph. Seasons two and three were swiftly greenlit and Oseman is now believed to have sold more than six million copies of her Heartstopper books. On TikTok the #Heartstopper hashtag has more than 10 billion views, while Locke and Connor have each picked up millions of new followers on their personal Instagrams, their comments now heaving with declarations of love and lust from their army of stans.

Through it all, Connor has seemingly remained grounded, self–aware and modest, often leaning into self–deprecation – something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by his co–stars, such as Olivia Colman, his on–screen mother, who describes him as “funny and kind”. “Kit has got it all,” she tells Vogue. “Talent, humility and he’s clearly beautiful, not that that matters, but he’s beautiful on the inside too. And that’s the most impressive thing about him.”

And Connor is consistently on–message about his love for Heartstopper. I bet Netflix can’t believe their luck. “As an actor, you’re not always so lucky to be able to do a project you feel actually has an impact on people. I feel super lucky to have been able to do it,” he says. When the show first aired, fans would regularly stop him in the street, often young queer teenagers keen to tell him the show gave them the confidence to come out to their parents. “The idea that you’re having an impact on anyone’s life, especially a stranger, it’s really special.”

But it’s come with a steep learning curve. “You feel a bit watched,” he says. “I’m still in my formative years, so things I wouldn’t want to be watched doing are.” He explains it feels particularly invasive when fans dig into the lives of his family, looking them up on social media. “They didn’t sign up for it,” he says. As for his own privacy, he accepts he’ll have to work harder to maintain it. “I haven’t had a huge problem,” he says. “I think I’ve still been pretty lucky in a lot of ways.”

“Lucky” is a surprising word to hear, given his experiences last autumn. Social media was rife with speculation about Connor’s sexuality, after he was pictured holding hands with Maia Reficco, his co–star in the upcoming adaptation of YA novel A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow. Playing a bisexual teen, and frequently appearing at Pride events in his own life, some accused Connor of “queerbaiting”, a term used to describe a celebrity capitalising on speculation they’re not straight (usually for the sake of publicity). The online harassment intensified; Connor left Twitter. He planned to ignore the noise (“I don’t think it’s anyone else’s business and I’m super young”), but returned in October with a tweet: “I’m bi. Congrats for forcing an 18–year–old to out himself. I think some of you missed the point of the show. Bye.” (The tweet garnered one million likes on the platform.)

It was, obviously, not an easy period. “I’m a young man, so I’m already kind of going through certain things, in terms of just life and mental health.” His tweet was a build–up of emotion. “I just needed to let that energy out.”

Connor had been coming to terms with his sexuality since before Heartstopper. “It was just a very natural process for me; I didn’t really have an ‘oh, shit’ moment. It just became more and more evident.” Although his family were “super accepting and inclusive and wonderful”, his all–boys school was less so. “I was in a very heteronormative atmosphere,” he says, hesitating slightly. “It wasn’t hugely inclusive. It wasn’t really accepted in a lot of ways.”

Internally, he was conscious of the narrative around those who are bisexual. “It’s the experience of maybe you’re too straight to be gay and you’re too gay to be straight. So it’s like, ‘Where do I sit?’ But I feel much more secure in myself now.” Regardless, it didn’t make dealing with overzealous fans any easier. “I just felt like it wasn’t something I was ready to talk about,” he says. “I wasn’t angry. I was just slightly disappointed by this reaction.”

It’s indicative of how outing stories have come full circle: whereas once stars such as George Michael were outed by tabloids to shame them for being gay, here fans of Heartstopper were trying to out Connor for seemingly not being gay enough. Why does he think they thought it was OK to pressure him into revealing his sexuality?

“I think there’s almost a feeling that because I’d been in the industry for a little while, there was almost this understanding that it’s like, ‘Oh, well, he can take it.'”

And did he ultimately feel forced into it as a result? “I think ‘forced’ isn’t the right word I would use, but I would say that I would have preferred to do it another way,” he says. “I also don’t know if I would have ever done it. But at the end of the day I don’t regret it. In many ways it was really empowering.”

Connor is always careful to caveat his concerns about celebrity life with a recognition of the privileges it affords. As a child, raised in Croydon by parents who work in advertising, he longed for the sort of fame that gets you stopped in the street.

Wanting to become a film star, he’d dress up as James Bond in videos he’d make with his older brother and sister. And so, when the opportunity to star in a Sainsbury’s advert came up, Connor insisted he do it, despite his parents’ reluctance (it was long, boring work, apparently). “Thank God they let me, because here I am.” His first feature film followed soon after – the 2014 British Christmas comedy Get Santa – then came roles in Ready Player One and Rocketman, in which he played the young Elton John. Connor remained in school throughout. When Heartstopper came out, “I was completely and utterly prepared to be on the receiving end of some unpleasant jokes,” he says. “But it was really quite positive. People would be like, ‘I really love the show. I thought you were really good in it.’ I was thinking, ‘Wow, that’s really a good sign.'”

Was he like his character at school: outgoing, sporty and popular? “I was never nearly as popular as Nick was, I think. Nick is super socially comfortable and I can get quite sort of socially inept. Not socially inept, but, like, awkward,” he says. “I am a bit introverted and generally like to keep myself to myself.”

He feels working in film “stunted” him socially because he couldn’t hang out with friends as much. In Heartstopper he found the perfect remedy. “We kind of forgot people were going to watch it. It was really just this beautiful experience of being able to make the show we really enjoy, and make friends and create a family.” Other highlights include working alongside Colman, who he describes as not normal, both as an actor (“Effortlessly, unbelievably talented. Lucky her!”) and a person. “Normal people do not make you feel comfortable so quick and she will just immediately put you at ease. It really is impressive.”

Away from work, Connor loves watching the NBA and writing. “I’m really awful at poetry, but sometimes do that.” He’s always been interested in fashion, namechecking James Dean, Marlon Brando and Paul Newman as his style inspiration (although he’s also prepared to “switch up and make it a lot younger”, which to him means Carhartt WIP. One of its jackets, his go–to, is neatly folded on the seat next to him as we chat). He is also big on the gym. In March, fitness model and YouTuber Nathaniel Massiah shared a photo of them working out together, with Connor looking especially buff – a surprise for those used to the wholesome, fresh–faced teen (albeit a rugby–playing one). The internet’s reaction was predictably thirsty.

“Firstly, I don’t actually look like that!” he says. “It wasn’t photoshopped, but it’s perfect lighting, with a pump from the gym. That’s, like, the best I will ever look.” It’s also a myth, he says, that the bulk–up came post Heartstopper – there just weren’t any topless pictures out there. “I used to be super, super self–conscious about my body. But for now, at the moment, I’m pretty comfortable in myself, in the sense I don’t really care about how it looks anymore.”

His ambitions now are as you’d expect from a young actor with rapidly rising stock: move out of his parents’ house, avoid complacency, improve, “make my mark” and take on roles that stretch him. Next up, though, is a return to playing Nick Nelson for the second season of Heartstopper. Connor still loves the role, but at the same time, “I’m conscious of the fact I don’t want people to go and watch everything I’m ever in now and go, ‘Oh, it’s Nick from Heartstopper.’ I also don’t want to be labelled as anything, as a heart–throb or as the queer actor or as this or that. I want to be labelled as an actor who can do different things.”

Even if it does take a while to shake his breakout role, Connor couldn’t have asked for a more timely one. “I can’t put into words how grateful I am for Heartstopper, in the way it’s affected my life, my career, my perception of myself and my general mindset.”

So it was a formative experience? “Oh, absolutely,” he says, without skipping a beat. “It has gained me some of the best friends I’ve ever had. It gave me a lot more confidence and pride in myself.”


Kit Connor & Joe Locke Explain What Made Heartstopper’s Milkshakes Disgusting

Few things tap into the nostalgia of our wistful youth like the budding flowers of first love. This factor is what makes a series like “Heartstopper” so powerful and life–affirming, as these types of stories show that no matter how lost you feel as a teenager or young adult, there’s someone out there who can love you for who you are.

Based on the web comic by Alice Oseman, which eventually grew to be a graphic novel as well, Netflix’s adaptation charts all of the awkwardness and tenderness of first love while navigating the complexity of friendships and relationships. One scene from “Heartstopper” that taps into these feelings so directly is the triple date that Charlie (Joe Locke) and Nick (Kit Connor) join their friends for.

However, while those milkshakes might have looked good on screen, Locke and Connor assured British GQ that this was not the case. Though the duo enjoyed shooting the scene, as it had many of the cast members working together for the day, they clearly had deep trauma from how bad those milkshakes tasted in reality. “I see that milkshake; I can just instantly feel a little bit sick,” said Locke while rewatching the scene with Connor.

For his part, Kit Connor agreed so quickly that he practically cut Joe Locke off. “I’m gonna say, these milkshakes were the most disgusting things I’ve ever, ever, ever had,” he emphasized. “The first one was okay. They refilled it each time for continuity with water,” Connor went on to explain.

While leftover milkshake residue mixed with water definitely doesn’t sound very appetizing to sip on for one take after another, the “Heartstopper” actors partially blamed themselves for their own torture. “And I think we all made the novice mistake,” Locke continued. “The classic actor’s mistake of drinking loads in the first take. Which then means that you have to drink loads in every take.”

Whether using spit buckets for eating and drinking scenes or special herbal cigarettes for smoking scenes, there’s no shortage of ways that Hollywood tricks viewers into thinking that actors are genuinely doing what they’re supposed to be doing in a shot. However, as Locke and Connor noted, this is often a very unpleasant process.

Still, if you watch the scene in question, regardless of which take it is, all six actors seem to be enjoying themselves. If the milkshakes really are as awful as the stars say, then that’s a mighty fine testament to their performances, as the scene itself comes across as a shot of pure joy. Either way, with the show already confirmed for a second season, fans can expect more of “Heartstopper” on their Netflix feeds for years to come.


Netflix Unveils ‘Heartstopper’ Season Two Premiere Date

Netflix’s highly–anticipated second season of Heartstopper will return August 3 and has unveiled a behind–the–scenes teaser.

The streamer confirmed premiere date in the last minutes, coming two days prior to a Netflix UK showcase, which is taking place in London.

Produced out of the UK, the show’s Season 1 was a runaway success for Netflix and has already been commissioned for two more seasons. Starring Kit Connor and Joe Locke, the coming–of–age romantic comedy drama follows Charlie and Nick, who meet at secondary school and quickly discover that their unlikely friendship is blossoming into an unexpected romance.

Season two will see the pair reprise their roles alongside the likes of Stephen Fry, Olivia Colman and Yasmin Finney, the latter of whom has been cast in the new season of Doctor Who.

A teaser, linked below, sees cast discuss what to expect from Season 2, with Connor saying it will be a “different vibe to Season 1,” while Locke says his character Charlie “goes on more of a journey this season.” Creator Alice Oseman returns for Seasons 2 and 3 and See–Saw Films is producer.

Deadline revealed last month that Emmy–winner Connor is leading mystery–horror feature One Of Us.


How Does Kit Connor Make Easy Classics Look this Good?
April 21

A lot of Serious Men will often tell you that wearing black and brown is a big no–no in the world of menswear. Kit Connor is not one of them. Where some refuse to see brown shoes as a running mate for black slacks, the Hearstopper star gives the old ways the middle finger and proves that, once and for all, that this diktat is dead and buried and never coming back.

Last night the 19–year–old actor attended a Tag Heuer event (hosted by Ryan Gosling, so it was all kinda majestic) in London. Connor decided to wear a combo of British–Asian designers Qasimi and Feng Chen Wang, and, together, his fit was a glaringly obvious dismissal of Old Ways. By keeping everything to just two tones – jet black trousers, Jimmy Choo square–toe boots, shirt, scoop neck tee and chocolate brown boxy jacket – he managed to pull everything together. It’s classic, but it still feels cool with roomy fits and easy separates.

And Connor’s not the only one doing it. Tyler, the Creator, one of the music industry’s most boundary–breaking dressers is a consistent wearer of black and brown. Meanwhile, designers across the board have eschewed the rule. Gucci leads the way with its mash–up suits of brown pleated trousers and black blazers. Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons sent models down the runway in brown leather jackets and skinny–fit black trousers for Autumn/Winter 2023, while if you take a look at the collections and campaigns rolled out by British designer Bianca Saunders, you’ll see she has no time for the ban on black and brown.

And neither does Connor. And that’s why he makes classic fits look so good.


Kit Attends Tag Hauer 60th Anniversary Party

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Kit Cast as Lead in Horror Film ‘One of Us’

Emmy winner Kit Connor (Heartstopper) has been set to lead feature mystery–horror One Of Us, which will begin filming in Belfast, Northern Ireland later this month.

In the allegorical film, members of a family begin dying one by one at a funeral, while Youngest (Connor) searches for the stranger in their midst.

Callum Woodhouse (The Durrells), Charlotte Hope (The Spanish Princess), Siobhan Fallon–Hogan (Rushed) and Ian Beattie (Game of Thrones) will also star in the feature, which heralds from the Jung School and Northern Ireland Screen and marks the debut of writer–director Stefan van de Graaff.

Raquel Baldwin is producing, with Robert Machoian co–producing and van de Graff executive–producing. Bianca Cline is rounding out the team as Director of Photography. Cline recently worked on feature Marcel yhe Shell With Shoes On, which is Oscar nominated this season for Best Animation.

Connor is best known for Heartstopper, Rocketman and His Dark Materials. Woodhouse is best known for All Creatures Great and Small and The Durrells. Hope is known for Catch Me a Killer, Game of Thrones and The Spanish Princess, and movies Allied, The Theory of Everything and The Nun.

Fallon–Hogan’s credits include Rushed, The House That Jack Built and Men in Black. Beattie is known for Game of Thrones, Gangs of London and Line of Duty.

Connor will this year reprise the role of Nick Nelson in Netflix’s Heartstopper season two, which will continue the love story between his character and classmate Charlie Spring (Joe Locke). The first season saw him scoop the prize for Outstanding Lead Performance at the inaugural Children’s and Family Emmys.


Kit Receives Royal Television Society Programme Awards Nomination

It seems as if Kit’s birthday comes with some awesome news!

The Royal Television Society (RTS) has unveiled the nominees for this year’s RTS Programme Awards, and Kit Connor has received a nomination in the Leading Actor – Male category for his performance in Heartstopper’s first season.

British GQ Speaks With Kit Connor & Joe Locke

A bit of an update for everybody today, courtesy of British GQ! They sat down with Kit and Joe for a new interview and had them react to a selection of scenes from the first season of Heartstopper; UHD captures from the latter have also have been added to the gallery.


Kit Connor & Joe Locke React to Heartstopper Scenes
Watch as Joe & Kit break down some of their Heartstopper scenes, from the pair’s rainy kiss to the emotional scene as Nick reveals his sexuality to their Mum.

Kit Connor Kit Connor Kit Connor Kit Connor