• Nick, Charlie and the gang return as they journey through the next chapter of life, love and friendship.
    Date: Jul 1, 2023  |   Duration: 0:50  |   Views: 1924
    Nick, Charlie and the gang return as they journey through the next chapter of life, love and friendship.
  • The first scene of Heartstopper Season 2
    Date: Jun 17, 2023  |   Duration: 2:50  |   Views: 1665
    Take an exclusive look at the first scene of the upcoming second season of Heartstopper.
  • Headstrong Podcast S7E12
    Date: Mar 6, 2023  |   Duration: 51:11  |   Views: 2005
    Kit Connor is my season finale guest! Kit is currently starring in the delicately powerful Heartstopper on Netflix. Heartstopper is an inclusive romance told with striking sensitivity, and Kit plays one of the leading roles. We also discuss future plans, acting and the audition process.
  • Kit Connor & Joe Locke React to Heartstopper Scenes
    Date: Feb 13, 2023  |   Duration: 7:28  |   Views: 2438
    Joe Locke (Charlie Spring) and Kit Connor (Nick Nelson) relive some of the most iconic Heartstopper moments from Heartstopper Season 1. Watch as Joe & Kit break down some of their Heartstopper scenes, from the pair's rainy kiss to the emotional scene as Nick reveals their sexuality to their Mum (Olivia Colman).
  • Making of 'Hearstopper' Season 2 - Best of Behind the Scenes Moments
    Date: Feb 8, 2023  |   Duration: 8:08  |   Views: 2303
    The filming for Heartstopper 2 finally wrapped up, and fans will soon see their favorite TV couple again! Stay tuned for the production footage released by Netflix, where you can see the Heartstopper Season 2 cast going through the script.
  • Let's Connect with Kit Connor & Gracie
    Date: Feb 6, 2023  |   Duration: 5:37  |   Views: 2333
    BAFTA Young Presenter Gracie in conversation with actor Kit Connor, who played the young Elton John in Rocketman and currently stars as Nick Nelson in the Netflix series Heartstopper. Ahead of their Connect4™ challenge, Kit discusses the importance of queer representation and how film, games and music help you connect with others and be creative yourself.
  • Drag Queens Trixie Mattel & Katya React to Heartstopper Season 1
    Date: Dec 24, 2022  |   Duration: 40:40  |   Views: 1373
    As a special holiday fan request, drag queens Trixie Mattel and Katya react to the hit Netflix series Heartstopper, in this new episode of "I Like to Watch." Plus, Joe and Kit even leave a surprise message!
  • Heartstopper Q&A with Kit Connor & Joe Locke
    Date: Dec 8, 2022  |   Duration: 27:17  |   Views: 1310
    Film Independent president Josh Welsh chats with the two lead stars, Kit Connor and Joe Locke about their smash hit romantic comedy-drama, HEARTSTOPPER, streaming on NETFLIX.
  • Kit Connor & Joe Locke on Showing Young Queer People Everything Will Be Okay
    Date: Oct 27, 2022  |   Duration: 16:02  |   Views: 1319
    Kit Connor and Joe Locke ('Heartstopper') on showing young queer people that 'everything will be okay.' The actors discuss what the Netflix show means to them and the queer community around the world. Gold Derby editor Daniel Montgomery hosts this webchat.
  • Kit Connor & Joe Locke Talk About Heartstopper, Young Royals and More
    Date: Oct 23, 2022  |   Duration: 9:36  |   Views: 1342
    Kit Connor and Joe Locke talk about Heartstopper, Young Royals, Drag Race and more!

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